Letter of Recognition and Appreciation

"We Should Have Done This Years Ago"

"We Went Live Yesterday"

​For the past nine months, your accounting expertise has served as the backbone of DukeSolutions’ successful migration from our legacy accounting system, Timberline, to the PeopleSoft Financial Management Information System.

You have provided DukeSolutions' accounting department with a rare combination of consulting skills that delivered both high-level strategic advice as well as hands-on detail configurations. As well, you have served as an invaluable technical resource for the DukeSolutions Information  Technology / Management Department.

You have tirelessly and persistently directed the mapping of our account structure from the legacy system to the new system within the rigorous deadline expectations.

As Project Sponsor, I learned quickly that your sign-off on a project milestone was 100% impeccably accurate. If “Scott White” verified the information, I knew without hesitation that it was “right.”

You also appropriately raised the flag when DukeSolutions processes were found to conflict with the proposed new accounting system. During data conversion, your superior technical skills proved key in effective data migration.

Scott, you served as our subject matter expert even though you were a consultant on the team! You learned our Legacy system and were able to translate it to the new system. Thank you for being a leader to the DukeSolutions accounting personnel throughout the entire project.

The “Business Owner” relied heavily, might I say exclusively, on your ability to translate the accounting relationships, to identify potential transition issues and to recommend solutions. Key to your success with DukeSolutions was your dependability to be on-site each week despite commuting 1,000 miles to our site!

On a personal note, I would like to add that the entire DukeSolutions Project Team, both Accounting and Information Technology personnel, enjoyed working with you. Your even temperament, good
nature and ability to work with all levels within our organization are all the reasons we consider you one of our “gang.”

We wish you much success in your future endeavors!

Randy Kelley
Director of Information Technology
DukeSolutions, Inc.

Thank you for the technical accounting support you provided this year to the Ann Mulvale Election Campaign Fund.

The QuickBooks file you created to help us manage and track our donor contributions, together with its ability to easily account for all the fund expenditures, was a remarkable improvement over the manual systems we have used in the past.

Your ability to import our prior election donor information directly into the data made the entire setup process appear seamless. Automating the fund’s accounting function made every aspect of our reporting requirements so much easier to manage.

We were especially pleased with the method you created to export our QuickBooks data into Excel and use the macros you designed to automatically prepare all the required, multiple copies of our rebate forms.

It eliminated countless hours that would have, otherwise, been required to manually hand write hundreds of forms, and every copy of the multiple-part forms turned out letter-perfect.

We should have done this years ago.

Ann Mulvale

On behalf of the Implementation Team we would like to thank you, Cansys and Business Paradigms, for your contribution to the successful  implementation of Solomon.

Scott, your data conversion skills amaze me. I thank you for your unbiased input to process questions and other issues as they arose. Sure there were challenges along the way, however as a team we worked together to meet those challenges to reach our goal.

Congratulations Gentlemen and thank you!

Oliver H. Huls, CMA
Director, Corporate Finance
Ameresco Canada Inc.