sometimes you need to think outside the company.

Few businesses have all the in-house expertise they need for all situations, including us 

To fill that need, we are members of an unaffiliated Network  of other specialists with whom we've worked and whose expertise we trust.

We can introduce you to a network of professionals with experience including CFO, Reorganizations, Risk Management, Management Coaching, Human Resources, Marketing, Legal, Research & Development, to name a few.


Is your accounting giving you what you need?


Over forty years of Canadian and U.S. experience in a variety of industries including retail, fee-for-service, information technology, construction, and manufacturing gives us a good foundation for understanding how you think about your business.

Our educational background in accounting, psychology, and education helps us show you a view of your business you may not have considered.

Let us tell you what we see..

we see the your world a little differently

About Us

We specialize in out-sourced controllership, bookkeeping and tax services for small businesses.

We're frequently called in to help optimize the reporting capabilities of the client's current accounting software, design side-bar tools to provide other information, and teach staff new, more-efficient methods for management reporting.


As well, our Testimonials page attests to our proven record of helping large businesses communicate their accounting system needs to software vendors, work with the vendors to tailor the new system to the way the client does business, and then apply our own computer skills to convert the data from the legacy software to the new system while management and staff continue to concentrate on their daily business until the "Go-Live" date.